• Online Golf Trip Manager

    • Say goodbye to:
    • Spreadsheets of handicaps & scores
    • Organizing pairings & tournaments
    • Calculating results & payouts
    • Monitoring golf, hotel & dinner plans
  • Pairings
    The number of ways to pair 12 golfers in 3 foursomes over 6 rounds is 50 billion trillion! Perfect Pairings’ proprietary scheduling solves the challenge in seconds, while taking into account rules set by the Captain. Learn More
  • Logistics
    The key to a successful golf trip is good communication. Captains invite the other golfers to register for free where they can view travel, lodging, and golf details to ensure everyone is on the same page. Learn More
  • Book
    The Trip Book displays logistical information, tee sheets, tournament details, as well as the social stuff—Captain’s letter, player profiles, and photos displayed in a customizable album that can be emailed, printed and shared. Learn More
  • Tournaments
    What’s a golf trip without competition and a little friendly action? GolfTripGenius lets Captains set up a variety of tournaments from Stableford to Ryder Cup, enter scores via mobile app, and view real-time leaderboards. Learn More
  • Accountant
    One of the necessary but tedious jobs on any golf trip is keeping track the expenses and settling up after the trip. Trip Accountant provides an intelligent and easy-to-use solution to help eliminate the trip expenses hassle. Learn More
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Quotes What GolfTrippers are saying...

    • 12 players, 6 rounds | Phoenix

      We used it for this year’s trip which consisted of a 5-day trip with 12 guys to Scottsdale. As the Captain of the trip I can truly say it made my job immensely easier and actually allowed me to enjoy the trip. Can hardly wait to use it again.

      Rod Maier, Calgary, AB
    • 12 players, 5 rounds | Pines Golf Club

      Our trip was over the weekend (I had left it to the last minute as usual) and was a great success. It was the first time everybody played with everybody else in 15 years. Many thanks for your assistance and interest.

      Stephen Pocock, Turnbridge Wells, Kent, UK
    • 8 players, 8 rounds | Scotland

      Wow! This application is awesome. The pairings function alone is worth the price of admission, but then setting up our tournaments, keeping the stats and, importantly, tracking and allocating our expenses were invaluable.

      Fred Bloch, New York, NY
    • 8 players, 7 rounds | Scotland

      I could never imagine going on a golf trip without GolfTripGenius. The highlight of each day was gathering for drinks after golf, inputting our scores into the system, and quickly getting the results of the numerous tournaments that we had set up.

      Frank Langendorff, Short Hills, NJ
    • 15 players, 5 rounds | Myrtle Beach - Legends

      Used GolfTripGenius for our Myrtle Beach trip and it worked flawlessly. Software was able to calculate all the various games we played (Skins, Callaway, Stableford, etc.) even for some of my high handicappers. This is a must have for every golf trip!

      Christopher Buhse, Montebello, NY
    • 8 players, 4 rounds | Pawleys Island

      GolfTripGenius was super easy to use with our iPad and we loved having the leaderboard at the end of each day of the trip! Before we spent too much time trying to figure out everything, but thanks to GolfTripGenius it took us all of about 10 minutes.

      John Lang, South Orange, NJ
    • 8 players, 8 rounds | Bandon Dunes

      GTG was a great way to pull everything together and makes the old spreadsheet/notebook scribblings like using hickory shafts. I was especially impressed with the customer service available. You can be sure I'll use GolfTripGenius on the next trip I plan.

      Jeff Harris, Greenwich, CT
    • 8 players, 4 rounds | New Mexico has proven a welcome asset for me — saving much time and providing me with a strong set of varied management tools. Logistics tracking, course selection, pairings, scoring are handled simply and include a range of useful options.

      Bill Casey, Minneapolis, MN
    • 4 players, 5 rounds | Whistling Straits

      GTG is one of the most innovative technology advancements in the golf world. The trip accountant feature alone saved us hours of reconciling the expenses and the setup of daily games/bets was very cool. I have recommended this site to all of my friends who take golf trips

      Brett Weinroth, Bethesda, MD
    • 16 players, 7 rounds | Bandon Dunes

      Recently we used on our Scotland golf pilgrimage, and loved the tournament management aspects which simplified our games and payouts tremendously. The handicapping, skins and Stableford point tracking were worth the price alone. Thanks for the great program!

      Bill Hogan, Austin, TX
    • 8 players, 2 rounds | Sagamore

      This site has taken our annual golf trip experience to the next level. The Trip Books are extremely user-friendly and were a huge hit with our group. Every golf trip organizer should consider GolfTripGenius as their "home base" when planning their next trip!

      Tom Peer, Huntington, NY
    • 8 players, 6 rounds | grand cypress resort

      This was our 2nd year using GTG for our annual guys trip, and my entire group agrees we will always use it on all our future trips. The ease and flexibility of the tournament manager gave us immediate scoring and leaderboards after each round. 

      Brian Morrissey, Slingerlands, NY
    • 8 players, 8 rounds | RTJ

      This is the third trip using GTG. We used it for making teams, creating games, scoring and accounting. It is much easier than doing these functions by hand. The accounting function is particularly useful and possibly overlooked but really worthwhile.

      Jim Conway, Haddonfield, NJ
    • 10 players, 4 rounds | PGA National

      I've always used spreadsheets to track everything after the rounds were over. GTG made it super easy. We used the real time scoring most of the time but for the groups that didn't it was very easy to enter the scores right after the round was complete.

      David Dion, Trip Captain
    • 12 players, 5 rounds | Arizona

      The only software of it's kind. Filled my needs perfectly. Also has a great customer service. Some of the courses we were going to play weren't in their database, after talking with me, they added them in the very next day. GREAT WORK!

      Peter Kuchlik, Trip Captain